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Heres my opinion as far as a simple breakdown on the Jimmer Fredette/Sacramento kings situation.  Keith Smart entered as the head coach of the kings due to the players of this organization quitting on westphal. Smart admitted in a recent Sports illustrated article that the team was eat up with envy towards fredette as the season began. saying, all the hoopla and fanfare made his teammates jealous and envious. as a result they quit on the coach who was working fredette into the line up. westphals firing came to fruition when he tried to take a stand and suspend a troublemaker on the team. what happened next should let everyone in on the secret of how things are done in the Sacramento front office. The maloofs and petrie instead of backing an veteran coach, took the side of one of the most miserable individuals to try and stomach watching due to his tactics on the court. westphal was almost immediately fired, and smart moved in. from that moment it was clear how this pathetic franchise would be ran.. the inmates had officially taken over the prison.. it was now theirs. so as smart took over lol; fresh off his previous interim stint with Golden state that lasted less than a year before being given his walking papers; this time smart knew what must be done to have any chance of staying beyond the season.. he must suck up to those truly in charge, and instead of leading a bunch of selfish boys, he would become one of them. the first order of business, let those same envious selfish lifetime losers know, that the white boy who they feared would take over as the face of the franchise, would do no so thing on his watch.. He in a sense did his part to take the kid with all the fans and mania around him, and make him an afterthought. of course he has to show some attempts of playing him, but his special way of handle’ing fredette shows helps show his agenda. in the middle of the year fredette got 4 starts when marcus thorton was injured. he averaged 17 points in 4 games as a starter, and shot a whopping 60% from 3. what happened next is truly mind boggling. he within 1 game, received back to back dnps. no time. playing his best basketball of the year. progress haulted. vs memphis in a single 2 qtr, he went for 16 pts and 6 assist in a qtr. then he watched the 3rd and 4th qutrs from the bench. smart also in games where he starts off shooting the ball excellent will yank him after a first mistake, leaving that one mistake as the lasting memory of his floor time. he’s says his teammates dont trust him, but he also went on record and said they were extremely jealous towards him. it cant be both.. if they are truely jealous, how can u take them supposedly not respecting him with anything other than a grain of salt… one things for sure.. in smothering out jimmer mania, smart has become busom buddies with the brass in charge of the franchise… the players. the extent of this was shown when smart recenty offered up his coat to cousins. and set back laughing as he allowed cousins to actually coach. UNREAL.


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